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TroveHunt is a nation-wide treasure hunt for real money.

We've hidden golden tokens in public places across the United States. The TroveHunt app contains the clues to find the tokens. Choose a hunt, solve the clues, find the hidden token and claim the money.

How to Play



We've hidden a golden coin (Trove Token) in a secret location. The coin is redeemable for real money. Your mission is to solve the clues within the app to find its location.


Use the clues within the app to reveal the location of the hidden Token. Then go to the location and find the Token.


Once you find the Token, use the code on the back to unlock the vault within the app and claim the money. Happy TroveHunting!

What's Happening?

TroveHunt News

Philadelphia Hunt Token

Congratulations to Scott and Brandin who teamed up to find the Philadelphia Hunt Token. They found it in Franklin Square Park, near the mini golf LOVE sign.

Congratulations to a familiar TroveHunter, Leigh Ann and family. During Spring Break, they figured out the clues and found the token in Brighton Park in Atlantic City. It was a rainy, windy day, but all worth it when they found that Token!

What's Next?

The TroveHunt Team is hard at work building the next phase of our real-world treasure hunting experience. We have big plans so keep in touch by signing up for email updates and joining us on our social outlets to get the latest announcements.